The ScoreTower is a double-sided free-standing scorekeeper for your outdoor games. It easily pushes into the ground, and brings the score to a convenient height for all players. The color-coded ScoreClamps(TM) are easy to read and set. The step-stake is made from heavy gauge steel with black powder coat paint for endurance. The scoreboard is made from all-weather plastics designed to stand up to outdoor use. Patented.
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ScoreTower - Portable Scoreboard / Drinkholder
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Helping you "Keep the Score" since 2004
ScoreTower with Drink Holder:
ScoreTower Combo Set:
Combo Set
per set
-58" tall
-Double-sided graphics
-Dual column Scoring
-All weather materials
-New Stash-N-Dash reusable carry box
-optional TailgaterStand(TM)
$10.95 each (Combo set requires 2)